Common Q&As for those thinking about starting a yoga practice before, during or after cancer treatment:

1.     I am currently receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy or have just undergone surgery to remove tumours -when can I start practicing yoga for cancer?

 Cancer patients and survivors should not really practice yoga immediately after surgery; this is to allow time for the scar tissues to heal.  For those undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, clinical research has shown that practising yoga regularly can alleviate side effects of treatment like fatigue, anxiety and depression.  We suggest that you consult your physician if you have any questions about how yoga will affect your medical condition.  If you’re waiting for your doctor’s approval before beginning, start with the “guided mediation” chapters.  This will get you focused on your breath which is a crucial part of the yoga practice.


2.      I can barely touch my knees, much less my toes - am I too inflexible to do yoga?  Is yoga only suitable for those who are naturally flexible?

 Yoga is not only about how bendy you are.  It’s about focusing your awareness inwards, using the physical postures as a moving meditation to focus on your breath.  With a consistent yoga practice, in time, you will feel a shift in your flexibility edges. Yoga is about making more space in your body, one step at a time and is suitable for everyone, including complete beginners.   Cancer patients and survivors with no previous experience can still do yoga and reap its benefits.


3.      Are Dr Yoga's DVDs appropriate for breast cancer patients only?

 Our DVD title Healing Yoga for Cancer is appropriate for all levels for new & experienced practitioners, for all cancer types.  The DVD title Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors has several specific instructions, modifications for those undergone surgical removal of breast cancer tissues to allow them to access the scar tissues to speed u recovery in the upper chest area.  Nonetheless, we advise that you watch the entire video at least once before doing the poses to help you get comfortable with the language and sequencing.


4.      Why are Dr Yoga DVDs one of the best in the market?

 All DVDs are created with valuable direct input from breast cancer survivors & very experience yoga instructors.  We have crystallized this wisdom into our work which is endorsed by leading clinicians, yoga instructors and cancer patient and survivors.  Furthermore, we donate 10% of our sales to Maggie’s Cancer Centres, supporting their invaluable work in aiding the recovery of cancer patients and survivors from all walks of life. 


5.      Do you deliver outside of the UK?

 Yes we offer free shipping to all EU countries for all purchases made on our website or on

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