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Private yoga class for breast cancer patients - yoga headstand adjustments
private yoga class for breast cancer patients, adjusting extended side angle yoga pose

Why a private 1-1 personalised yoga class is the best option for Cancer patients and Survivors.

You might have been recently diagnosed with cancer and is looking for a way to manage your stress levels. You might be undergoing active chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment and have heard that yoga can alleviate some of the common side effects like chemobrain, fatigue and insomnia . You might have had breast cancer surgery several months ago, and your physiotherapists might have also recommended yoga to help your body heal the incision sites properly, and regain strength and flexibility.

Why would a specialized private 1-1 yoga class tailored specific for an individual cancer patient or survivor be of greater benefit than a normal group led yoga class? It boils down to the two things -time and the teacher.

Firstly, the yoga teacher requires a reasonable clinical knowledge.  Teaching an effective yoga class to cancer survivors and patients requires a deeper knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology, pharmacology and side effects of active cancer treatments – including surgeries, anti-systemic therapies (chemotherapy, immunotherapy) and radiotherapy.  Teaching yoga to cancer patients and survivors also need to understand patient journey and to adapt yoga teachings based on the physical and psychological implications of cancer and their current treatment.  With such comprehensive knowledge, modifications are provided and tweaked as the yoga student undergoes and recovers from cancer treatment, and contends with long-term side effects. Adaptations provided by a specialized yoga teacher aids the practitioner in regaining strength, range of movement, and stamina. These yoga teachers create safe, effective practices that empower the cancer survivor with an ever-changing tool that is useful for life and they will also know how to create a safe home yoga practice for cancer survivors.

Secondly, there are many yoga centres who are starting to offer cancer patients yoga in a group setting.  From my experience of teaching yoga to cancer patients, I often find it unsatisfactory as different cancer patients – breast, ovarian or colorectal cancer patients have very different surgical procedures, as such it is impossible to prescribe a single routine to caters to all cancer patients in one class.  It is much better if a bespoke yoga class is given to a single individual, who are all different and require very different approaches in adapting a yoga practice to suit that current stage of cancer journey.

If you are interested in finding out more about a private class, I currently run a yoga clinic at Harley Street on Thursdays, between 6pm to 8.30pm, please feel free to contact me on for further information or to make an appointment.

My standard yoga clinic rates are as follows:

1st Yoga Class – 75 mins (Including 15 mins of assessment) - £100

Follow up yoga class – 60 mins - £75